The efficiency kitchen has everything you need! A blender, refrigerator (with ice trays), two-burner electric stove top (and tea pot), range hood with 2 setting light, toaster, coffee maker, microwave and counter top convection oven. It has convection bake technology for even faster baking results. Plus, you can broil meat with results similar to grilling or keep cooked food warm or toast up to six slices of bread at once. Use this counter top oven just like a full-size oven up to temperatures of 450 degrees. The convection bake feature bakes for more even and faster results.

There are plenty of the basics to get you started cooking like spices, sugar, salt, pepper, oil, dish detergent, containers for leftovers, coffee, tea, creamer and more. There are also cooking utensils like pots and pans, can opener, knives and other essentials.

You’ll also find plates, silverware, glasses (even wine glasses!), as well as a supply of paper plates if you don;t feel like washing dishes.

Of course, with literally hundreds of unique restaurants nearby, you’ll be eating out most of the time. But when you eat in, there’s seating for four at the dining table and seating for four more at the bistro table and island in the kitchen. And there’s always freshly ground coffee and special teas in the cupboard.